Due to COVID-19 we are taking extra precautions to ensure we are conforming to health Canada regulations. All paddle equipment is being sanitized between trips and physical distancing will be adhered to on the water as well as on land.

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You’ve come to the right place to get out in nature on the water side. A Paddle in the Park Kayaking offers guided kayak tours to paddlers of every experience level.

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Welcome to the tropics of Canada and your next kayaking experience!
We are fortunate to be located close to a cluster of gulf islands and islets just a few minutes paddle from our dock. The islands provide the ideal location for paddling about and exploring the shallow waters and shorelines. Not only are the islands home to many marine and terrestrial mammal and bird species, but they provide supreme paddling conditions–they are protected from wind and have many small channels to explore.

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kayak history

Kayaks today are designed with water-tight bulk heads, making them virtually unsinkable. Presently, we have single and double kayaks produced by Current Design and Necky–both brands are favoured for their outstanding designs and comfort. The kayak decks have elastic bungees, making them useful for strapping down safety gear and items you want to keep within reach during your paddle. The kayaks we use are plastic, making them durable and able to handle minor bumps and scrapes.

We are convinced that plastic is the way to go for a tour company. We can then be focused on you and your comfort and safety while seeking out wildlife, and not so concerned about whether a kayak gets a minor, cosmetic scratch. We want your whole kayaking experience to be everything it should be, which is exceptional.

Amazing adventures!

Watch the video below for an amazing wildlife experience and close encounter of the whale kind!

Guided Tours

Day Tours

The ultimate day trip–so close, but yet, so far–explore the amazing gulf islands by sea and land.

Multi-Day Tours

Bring all the comforts of home on an adventure along the pristine B.C. coast. Trips include paddle gear, guide, camping gear and gourmet meals.


Just need a kayak? Check out our rental options and build your own adventure. Kayaks and camping items available.

Outdoor Education

Kids belong outside. Practical skills taught on these trips include ecology, First Nations history, navigation, tides, Marine biology and leadership.

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Our Guides

Our experienced guides will ensure an amazing adventure while keeping you safe and relaxed no matter what your skill level.

Nick Gallant

Nick grew up in Ontario and was in a canoe before he could walk. Exploring the rivers and lakes of his homeland he developed a connection to nature which followed him through his adult life.

When he moved to the west coast as a young man, the ocean took the place of rivers and lakes.

He took up surfing, then kayaking and sailing to explore this new world. After gaining a certificate in coastal adventure tourism from North island college, he started sea kayak guiding in Tofino, then off of Vancouver island’s north coast and finally back to the west coast, in the broken group islands.

In 2017 Nick purchased A paddle in the park kayaking and has been sharing the gulf islands with people from all over the world since.


Since a child, Hannah has always felt at home in nature. She spent her childhood close to the water canoeing, fishing and playing along the shoreline.

In her adult years she traveled abroad, thirsty for adventure. While living on the Ningaloo Reef in Australia, she became enamoured with the Sea. She new her future would be sandy, salty and full of adventure.

In recent years she has spent her days guiding around greater Victoria and became a kayak instructor. Spending summers teaching kids confidence on the water, respect for wildlife and navigation skills.

This summer she is excited to explore the gulf islands and looking forward to connecting with fellow Ocean lovers.


Amelia’s first exposure to the outdoors was through yearly canoe trips in Northern Ontario. At the age of 7, she started with short overnight canoe trips and by the age of 16, she was spending 50 days tripping through Ontario.

Amelia grew up in San Francisco, CA but spent her whole year excited about her outdoor summer adventures. Looking for more adventure she moved to Victoria, BC for high school. In BC she was introduced to a bunch of new outdoor activities and was able to try out sea kayaking, white water kayaking, backpacking, winter camping and more.

Although she loves to try as many new activities as possible her main outdoor sports are sailing, canoeing/kayaking, and indoor climbing. She is now studying Environmental Science at Queen’s University in Kingston, ON but is stoked to spend the summer showing people the beauty of BC.

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