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All tours include kayaks, paddling equipment, meals and a knowledgeable guide. Camping gear can be rented at a small daily fee if you do not bring your own. All trips require a minimum of four people to run. Guests must provide their own transportation to departure point.

Gulf Islands Base Camp – $600 per person

Stay on Portland island for three days and two nights of coastal calm. A mere 2 hour paddle from our dock, this is the crown jewel of the gulf islands. An easy trail system around the island and several small islets provide the perfect setting for this family friendly adventure. Gourmet meals and a beautiful white sand beach included.

Departure: Leaves from A Paddle in the Park dock in Sidney,B.C.

Duration: 3 Days – Every Tuesday and Friday at 9 am during Summer

Difficulty: Medium

Orca Base Camp – $1200 per person

Every summer, on the north end of Vancouver island, the orcas congregate to socialize, mate and feed on the salmon returning to the rivers. Our orca base camp uses this opportunity to set up camp in an ideal wildlife viewing location and stay there for three nights, going for a leisurely paddle everyday to explore the area more intimately.

Orcas, humpback whales, minke whales, pacific white-sided dolphins, dall’s porpoise, harbour porpoise, seals, sea lions, sea otters, black bears, deer and eagles are likely sights.

Departure: Leaves from Telegraph cove, Vancouver island

Duration: 4 Days July 24 – 27

Difficulty: Medium

Gulf Islands Expedition – $1200 per person

On this tour we circumnavigate Saltspring Island, the largest of the gulf islands, stopping along the way to explore and camp on a few of the smaller islands. Sheltered waters, sunny weather and local history are the highlights of this adventure.

Seals, sea lions, porpoise, orca, bald eagles, minks, otters and great blue herons are all common sights in this area.

Departure: Leaves from A Paddle in the Park dock in Sidney,B.C.

Duration: 5 Days July 2-6

Difficulty: Medium

Clayoquot Sound Expedition – $1400 per person

See the Wild West coast of Vancouver island on this extended expedition. Bears, wolves, grey whales, orcas, eagles, sea otters, porpoise, seals, sea lions and most of the last remaining old growth in B.C. can be found here.

Paddle past ancient First Nations villages, camp on pristine white sand beaches, potential to visit waterfalls and hot springs.

Departure: Leaves from Tofino,B.C.

Duration: 6 Days September 3-8

Difficulty: Medium

Broughton Archipelago Expedition – $1600 per person

Just a bit further north from our orca base camp in Johnstone strait, Broughton archipelago marine park boasts world class sea kayaking and wildlife. This tour includes a trip in a water taxi as we are dropped off at the north end of the park by motor boat and paddle our way back, moving camp everyday. Highlights include various

First Nations sites, an ancient pictograph and a visit to Billy Proctor’s museum in echo bay. One of the coast’s most renowned sea kayak Meccas.

Departure: Leaves from Port McNeill,B.C.

Duration: 6 Days July 30 – August 4

Difficulty: Medium

God’s Pocket Expedition – $1600 per person

At the north end of Vancouver Island’s main highway lies the fishing town of Port Hardy. Outside of the bay there is a group of islands that few people ever see other than the odd fisherman. This area is known as God’s pocket. Orcas and humpback whales are common summer residents. One large island is home to a large coastal gray wolf population.

Jaques Cousteau has called this area “the best cold water diving on earth” due to converging currents which make for an extremely abundant marine zone. The wildest and most remote of our trips, this is for those who want to see the wild coast at it’s most removed from the “civilized” world.

Departure: Leaves from Port Hardy,B.C.

Duration: 6 Days August 6-11

Difficulty: Medium

Bear & Whale Watching – $1600 per person

Get an exciting ride in a Zodiac speed boat to see Grizzlies and humpback whales up close in the wild! This trip combines wilderness kayak camping with reliable wildlife watching opportunities. Starting in Campbell river, we take a 3 hour whale and bear watching tour on the first day before being dropped off, kayaks, gear and all, at a remote island archipelago. From there we take two days to base camp and explore the area at our leisure by kayak.

On the last day we are picked up and go for another 3 hour tour before being shuttled back to Campbell river. Grizzly bears are a common sight along the mainland coast and orcas as well as humpback whales frequent the passages among the islands. The Zodiac enables us to guarantee seeing these creatures, as well as experience the calm serenity of the sheltered islands. Perfect for families.

Departure: Leaves from Campbell River, B.C.

Duration: 4 Days August 13-16

Difficulty: Medium

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